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Sparkling Gecko Dachshund Rescue Group of the Week - 4/1/2018

Oregon Dachshund Rescue is our Dachshund Rescue Group of the Week!

They will receive a SparklingGecko Rescue Pack - 1 each of the Crystal Dachshunds : A Necklace, A Bracelet, and a Keychain, in all 4 colors of Blue, Brown, Clear, and Pink. 2 sets of Dachshund Earrings, a Silver Paw necklace, and a Gold Paw Necklace to be used for Fundraising.
A non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill Dachshund rescue organization serving Oregon,Washington & California.
Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. is a no kill shelter specializing in rescuing Dachshunds. We are a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit & all volunteer organization serving OR, WA & CA. We help Doxies that are abused, neglected, injured, disabled or surrendered for euthanization. We believe that every single one of these wonderful little dogs deserves love, proper care and a forever home.
Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. takes in Dachshunds in need. We specialize in deaf and blind double dapples. We rescue dogs from puppy mills, hoarders, drug homes and those that have been abandoned or discarded. We rescue two to three dogs a day. We care for their needs, both physical and emotional needs. We provide full vetting, spaying, neutering & fostering. We find suitable homes where they can get the time, care and affection they need.
Our Rescue is supported solely by the generous support of people like you. We rely 100% on donations as well as volunteering time to help run the Rescue. Volunteers help with fostering, networking, transporting, answering calls and emails, walking dogs, tending dog day care etc. Donations are always needed and hugely appreciated. Check out our how to help link for additional ideas on how you can make a difference for these special dogs.

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