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Sparkling Gecko Dachshund Rescue Group of the Week - 4/8/2018

Skyway Dachshunds Rescue is our Dachshund Rescue Group of the Week for 4/8/2018!

Skyway Dachshund Rescue Group

SDR is a 501(c)(3) charity comprised of people who love this breed and are thoroughly committed to their rescue.


They have received a SparklingGecko Rescue Pack - 1 each of the Crystal Dachshunds : A Necklace, A Bracelet, and a Keychain, in all 4 colors of Blue, Brown, Clear, and Pink. 2 sets of Dachshund Earrings, a Silver Paw necklace, and a Gold Paw Necklace to be used for Fundraising.

Their Adoption Process
Interested parties are asked to email skywaydachshund@gmail.com to request an application. The request will be handled by our Adoption Coordinator who will email an Adoption Application to the contact. When the application has been returned it will be reviewed and the applicant will be contacted. An inhome visit is arranged whereby the dog will be taken to the applicants home to stay for a two week visit. At this time an Adoption Contract will be filled out and signed by both parties and the adoption fee paid, all of which is held by the Treasurer until either the adoption becomes final and the fee is deposited or, in the event things do not work out, the dog is returned to the rescue and the adoption fee is given back to the applicant. Florida adoptions only please.

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