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Sparkling Gecko Dachshund Rescue Group of the Week

If you are on my Facebook page, you have probably noticed that I try to support Dachshund Rescue Groups when and where I can. Luckily, having one of the online jewelry stores that carry Dachshund Jewelry lets me do this. I have been around Doxies all my life. The picture here is of Buddy, my old man that I got used 10 years ago and has been an awesome dog. I do what I can to support rescue groups by:

  • Highlighting and linking to their pages and websites
  • Sharing adoptable dogs
  • Sharing fundraising efforts
  • Donating Jewelry to be used in fundraising efforts
  • Fundraising directly on my pages for groups

To date, we have helped raise several thousands of dollars, but I think we can do more. I know of several here in Florida that I have helped, a couple in Texas, and a couple out west in Oregon and Washington. I suspect there might be more groups than this though that I don't know anything about. That's where you come in. If you know of any Dachshund Rescue Groups that I can highlight on the Facebook Page please let me know. I would like to get a list together of various trusted rescue groups around the country that I can highlight on the page, and also send a Dachshund Rescue Pack to for their fundraising. This will consist of (subject to inventory at the time):

1 each of the Crystal Dachshunds color and styles (Blue, Brown, Pink, Clear, in Bracelet, Necklace, and Keychain version)

2 pair of Dachshund Earrings 

That's $136.00 of Jewelry for them to use for Raffles, Sales, or other incentives as they see fit.

I will start giving 1 pack away every Sunday starting on Easter 4/1/2018, as well as Highlighting them on the Facebook Page as the Sparkling Gecko Dachshund Rescue of the Week. Who will qualify? Any 501C Dachshund Rescue in the United States may win 1 pack every 6 months. SO obviously, I need to find at least 26 Dachshund Rescue Groups to be able to work with. So get busy with your suggestions! You can either message me on Facebook, on the site here at https://SparklingGecko.com or send me an e-mail to Info@SparklingGecko.com.

Please make sure you send me their Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail address, and net links (Facebook page or Website) so that I can contact them and send them their Rescue Pack. We can help out those that help this awesome breed of dogs by working together.

Thank You,


Head Gecko


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